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The story of the ‘Kindertransporte’ (Kindertransports)


   The ‘Central British Fund for German Jewry’ made a file for each child that came to Great Britain on a Kindertransport. These files are now stored with ‘World Jewish Relief’. They are not available for research and can only be retrieved by the individuals concerned and their families.

   However, a database developed by the British Association of Jewish Refugees and put online in 2009 offers some information about the Kindertransports from North Rhine-Westphalia and can be used for comparative empirical analysis. The records are based on an analysis of 1,025 questionnaires that were filled out by ‘Kinder‘ and also 343 additional sets of data about other ‘Kinder‘.
The database has been anonymised, but searches can be made for all kinds of details, such as where people originated, former schools, their education in England or the fate of parents.

   In 2008, a database project was completed which compiled resources about German-Jewish emigration in British archives. The project was coordinated by Dr Andrea Hammel, at the University of Sussex. On this site names can also be researched: ‘Online Database of British Archival Resources relating to German-speaking Refugees’, 1933-1950 (Barge).
>>> http://www.sussex.ac.uk/Units/cgjs/barg/index.php

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The Kindertransport to Great Britain - Stories from North-Rhine-Westphalia