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The story of the ‘Kindertransporte’ (Kindertransports)

The four Yavneh Transports

   The first transport, comprising a junior boys’ class, left Cologne on 17th January 1939. About 30 children were accompanied by the young rabbi, Dr Rudolf Seligsohn from Bonn, who also became the director of the first ‘Yavneh-Hostel’ at 1 Minster Road in London (Cricklewood) together with his wife.

   This transport was followed by another to London in February 1939, with 15 girls and boys. The girls were taken to a hostel at 243 Willesden Lane. The boys were probably housed in Minster Road.

    In May 1939, Klibansky accompanied a third transport to Liverpool with the pupils from two higher English classes and ten pupils from the first year of the secondary school. While the younger children were transferred to Brighton, the older ones stayed in Liverpool. The 42 boys moved into the hostel at 19 Linnet Lane and were cared for by the Yavneh teachers Dr Moritz Samuel and Else Nussbaum as well as Samuel's sister.

    In mid-July 1939, about 25 girls travelled to Manchester with Hans Joseph Heinemann. They were taken to a hostel in Waterloo Road, run by Mr and Mrs Kahn who came from Hamburg-Altona.

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In January 1939, 30 pupils from the Yavneh School led by Dr Rudolf Seligsohn were able to travel to London. They were accommodated at the Yavneh Hostel in Minster Road.

Dr Erich Klibansky is accompanying the children to Cologne Main Station.

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