We would like to thank most cordially everyone who told us their stories. The visits to London, Manchester, Devon and Surrey were important and unforgettable experiences.

We would also like to thank all the contemporary witnesses, both women and men, who wrote letters and passed information on to us for important chapters relating to the Kindertransports. Letters came from Great Britain and from Germany, from Israel and the USA, from Brazil, Canada and South Africa.

These help to make worldwide connections to do with the stories of the Kindertransports easier to visualise.

We would like to thank Andrea Goodmaker and the Association of Jewish Refugees who gave us hospitality in their day centre in London and enabled us to have conversations in the friendly atmosphere of the house and its garden.

We would like to thank Dr Andrea Hammel, at the Centre of German-Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex in 2010, and now at Aberystwyth University, who gave us friendly and competent advice on the subject of the Kindertransport to Great Britain, based on her wealth of experience and knowledge.

In particular we would like to thank Zia Marchand in London, the Archive of the Old Synagogue in Essen, the Ludwig Meidner Archive of the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt on the Main, as well as Dr. Barbara Becker-Jákli and Nina Matuszewski in the NS-Documentation Centre of the City of Cologne, for the transmission of photos on the subject of Kindertransports.

We would also like to thank all the colleagues from the Arbeitskreis der NS-Gedenkstätten und -Erinnerungsorte in NRW e.V. (Working Group of NS-Memorial Sites and Commemoration Sites in NRW, registered association) and from various archives or other workplaces, who answered our questions about their research and gave us helpful pointers.

We would like to thank the working group at the Yavneh Memorial and Educational Centre, the Förderverein Lern- und Gedenkort Jawne e.V. (Friends of the Yavneh Memorial and Educational Centre, registered association) and the Verein EL-DE Haus e.V. (Friends of the EL-DE-House, registered association) for collegiate and organisational support.

We would particularly like to thank the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung NRW (The Centre for Civic Education of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia) which made the research project possible in 2010 with its financial support. Many thanks to Dr Guido Hitze for his friendly advice. In 2016, the ‚Landeszentrale‘ financed the translation of the website and for this too, many thanks.

The Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia is very aware of its responsibility towards the men and women from cities and communities in the Rhineland and Westphalia who, as Jewish children, had to flee from their homes during National Socialist times. Educational projects which facilitate meetings with these contemporary witnesses and maintain awareness of their life stories are the building blocks of the future and contribute to an education in democracy and understanding.






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